I adopted Dorothy in January of 2016. The months prior to that Dorothy spent at her rescue where they began the healing of a lot of neglect. Dorothy was always hungry when her rescue got her, probably because she was so underweight, she weighed about 8 lbs and she should have weighed about 16. She had to have many of her teeth pulled because they had been rotting out of her mouth. Dorothy had very matted hair that needed to be completely shaved off, nails that were 2-3 inches long, and she was also infested with fleas. By the time I got her she had made a lot of progress and was feeling much better. I remember the first time I met her she was so funny and was racing around the room and rubbing her face on anything and everything. I took her home as a foster and a month later decided that she would be staying. I love old dogs, to me theres something so special about a frosted faced pup. Dorothy isn’t frosted in the face though. She looks more like a muppet. A muppet with a wild and crazy tongue.

The worst part about being cute is everyone wants to pet her and she doesn’t like to be pet, even by me. I am not sure she had much attention before her rescue scooped her up but even after nearly 3 years with us she hates when I try and cuddle her, pick her up or even wipe her face. She’s the worst dog at the groomer for sure! Let me tell you it is should be a sin for a dog with hair like Dorothy’s to not like being groomed!

Dorothy is the best at being my shadow. She will follow me all over the house and yard all the time. She is also the best at being bossy and letting me know when it’s time to eat or take a walk, or go outside. There is no doubt who the boss is in our house, it’s definitely Dorothy. I was just telling some one today that if Dorothy were a human old lady she’s be the one with the bright red hair who rides a harley and smokes cigarettes. For being 17 she is still very active and enjoys daily walks, puzzles, and lots of treats. She also still has the zoomies where she runs around the house and the yard really fast. It always cracks me up. Especially since I’m sure she thinks she going faster than she actually is. Even though she doesn’t like hugs and cuddling we do it anyway in the hopes it will grow on her. She’s a handful for sure but we love her and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Update : This blog was originally written to share what life was like with my precious Dorothy. This blog was originally posted on October 6, 2018 and on April 17, 2019 Dorothy decided it was time for her to go to heaven. So while she is no longer with us she is an important part of my life and thats why I chose to share this republished on my new website and blog.

Dorothy’s life mattered, maybe not to the people who had her previously to me, she mattered to me and many others. As sad as it was to say goodbye to my sweet girl I have to say that it was 100% worth it to have her even just for 3 years and I would do it again, in fact I will adopt another senior some day probably sooner than later. A dear friend of mine named Alyce once said to me “Fostering seniors is a test in faith and a labor of love” and boy is it ever! It tests your faith in ways you didn’t know you had. Some times are hard, sad and very confusing. Then there are the times where joy is exploding from your heart and you look at this old dog and think how amazing life is and how lucky you are to witness a miracle or even many miracles. And that my friends is what stays with you in the end even after they are gone.

Remember when I said Dorothy didn't like being picked up? hahahah imagine this every time you pick up your dog.