Hi! I'm Alexandra

I know what it’s like to love an old dog. 

My first senior hospice dog, Tyra, was only given 2 weeks to live.   Despite the odds she lived a happy, adventurous, fun filled year with us.  I knew I would be heart broken when she was gone and I wanted a way to remember her forever.  I photographed her as a way to secure the details of what made her so special and make sure the memories lasted for ever. 

I want to do the same thing for you.  I wouldn’t want you to forget the details of what is, what was, and what will always be important to you.

I have always been an artist.  One of the first creative things I did was change my name. Alexandra was a bit of a mouthful for me as I was learning to talk, so when asked what my name was I said Anja Lou instead. Incase you are wondering it's pronounced with a J sound not a ya sound.  Anja Lou became my childhood nickname – And it's stuck with me ever since!

When I am not out photographing I am taking the best care of my senior gal Bella who's 16! She is the light of my life!!!! In addition to my photography business I also own Bella B's BARK-ery where I hand make dog accessories of all kinds like collars, personalized bandanas, bow ties, collar flowers, and I make delicious treats and so much more! When you book your session you get a special offer from Bella B's to help your pup get ready for your session with me.

Premier Dog Photographer Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo and Central Coast of California.