On November 22, 2014 I had a birthday party for my first hospice dog Tyra. I don’t know that was her actual birthday but it was the day on her paperwork so I went with it. I remember being so thrilled that she made it to November. When I met her in the beginning of April that year she was diagnosed with a life ending illness and given two weeks to live, so making it to November was a big deal.

I invited all my friends, some family, and the employees and volunteers from her rescue. I asked that everyone bring gifts for the rescue and boy did we get tons of stuff for them including blankets, treats, toys, food, and a sizable monetary donation. The generosity of every one that day pretty much blew my mind. My friends also brought presents and cards for Tyra. She made out with lots of treats, some toys and a day filled with so much love. I had lunch for every one, we had hot dogs and veggie dogs! My sweet friend Vicki made her now famous chili and homemade cookies that everyone loved. I also had an area for decorating dog cookies that we later handed out to the pups at the rescue. My favorite part though was the dog house photo area! I asked a friend to make a dog house cut out for me and I stayed up late the night before painting it. It was awesome! I tried to paint it to look like Tyra, or at least her ears. With all the stuff I had to bring I was so worried I would forget something and would you believe I forgot my camera!!! So all of these are old iPhone photos and the quality is not great but this day was fun and it was a creative way to do good and have fun, I just had to share.